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Securely Integrate All Your Medical Information in One Place and Actively Collaborate with Your Healthcare Providers. Choose the Physicians You Connect With, and Those Physicians Will Work Together to Ensure Your Best Possible Medical Care.


Find Healthcare providers in your area and book your appointments online

use our easy online portal to book your medical appointments for the future or find immediate openings with local providers.


Create a profile

And build a medical record for yourself or a family member by entering basic information and medical history in an easy to use online form.


Go to your appointment and breeze through check-in

Your medical history will already be securely available to the staff, who can update and make any needed changes to your record as they review with you.


Keep all your medical records in one place that you can control and grant access to your healthcare providers with the click of a button

A Collaborative HealthCare Data Archive

The system integrates your complete healthcare information with your healthcare providers. More accurate information means better medical care and

Spend Less Time Waiting

HealthLynked members experience shorter wait times and Avoid redundant office paperwork


Your electronic medical record travels with you wherever you go. It’s available for you to view or download 24/7 on any web-enabled computer or mobile device.


Create Family Profiles

By having possession of accurate medical records, you can help reduce the potential of medical errors or adverse drug reactions.

Share records with your Healthcare providers you choose

Only you and those you authorize will have access to your medical record, which you can revoke at any time.

It’s Easy, Secure and Safe

You don’t need to be technology-savvy to become a member, and your records are secured using the highest standards available today.

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- Richard Smalls

HealthLynked Patient Member

Keeping all my medical records in one place was great. My doctor loved that he could see all my pertinent information on one page and i didn't have to request records from all my doctors for him they were already in record archive.


- – Jennie Sanderson

HealthLynked Patient Member

As a nurse i know how important medical records are for doctors and being able to keep all my records on one place and pick the doctors i want to have access is great.


- – Cindy Troy

Nurse Practitioner

Being a Nurse practitioner being a HealthLynked Provider and as a HealthLynked patient member i see the benefits from both sides HealthLynked brings to healthcare. I have recommended to all my patients to become a member.

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